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DWT Webinar: Legal Issues in Wearable Health Technologies

Davis Wright Tremaine LLP partner Louisa Barash will address the legal concerns and risks associated with wearable health technologies in a webinar on September 24

Wearable health technologies provide a great deal of benefits to consumers, health providers, and employers who offer wellness programs to their employees. From fitness bands that help ind… Continue Reading

HR Legal Concerns Surrounding Wearables

Wearables look like they will be en vogue for seasons to come. They can be used for a variety of purposes – tracking fitness, improving posture, and even measuring air quality.  But when employers use wearable technology to evaluate activity, there may be legal concerns. Christin McMeley sat down with Bloomberg BNA to discuss the surrounding privacy is… Continue Reading

Updated Location Privacy Protection Act Introduced

On March 27, 2014, Senator Al Franken (D.-Minn.) introduced the Location Privacy Protection Act of 2014, a bill that addresses so-called “stalking apps.” While Senator Franken’s intent is to target those apps designed to maliciously track individuals without their knowledge, the legislation (an updated version of a bill we discussed three yeContinue Reading

Reports note that US ranks near the bottom for privacy protection, on par with Russia, China, and Malaysia — and also is flunking on press freedoms

Posted by Bruce E.H. Johnson

Privacy International has issued its annual Privacy and Human Rights Study analyzing privacy protections around the world. The study ranks the United States near the bottom for privacy protections, calling it an “extensive surveillance society.”

In failing to provide privacy rights, the U.S. is in very inte… Continue Reading

Senator Specter Fails to Cut Off Funding for Warrantless Surveillance

Posted by Randy Gainer

Senator Arlen Specter attempted to attach an amendment to the Senate version of the Supplemental Appropriations bill that was passed by the Senate on May 4, 2006. The amendment would have prevented government agencies from using any funds “appropriated by this or any other Act” to carry out the NSA program acknowledge b… Continue Reading

Senate Intelligence Committee Votes Against NSA Probe

Posted by Randy Gainer

The Senate Intelligence Committee voted today not to investigate the NSA domestic spying program. The Republican majority on the Committee instead is backing a bill that would retroactively authorize the NSA to conduct the types of domestic electronic surveillance the NSA has been conducting since at least 2001. The bill, termed t… Continue Reading

Chief FISA Court Judges, DoJ Officials Questioned Legality of NSA Program

Posted by Randy Gainer

A Washington Post article on February 9, 2006 revealed that the Chief Judge of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court directed the Department of Justice in 2004 not to present applications for FISA orders to the FISA Court (FISC) that were based on information gathered through the NSA’s domestic surveillance program. T… Continue Reading

DoJ Claims President Has Exclusive Power to Authorize NSA Domestic Surveillance During War Against al Qaeda

Posted by Randy Gainer

The Department of Justice published a 42-page memorandum on January 19, 2005 that defends the National Security Agency’s domestic surveillance program. The DoJ memo responds to arguments raised by the Congressional Research Service in its January 5, 2006 report and by 14 law professors and former government officials in th… Continue Reading

Congressional Research Service Analysis Calls Into Question Legal Justification Behind NSA Monitoring of Communications

Posted by K.M. Das

On Thursday, January 5, 2006, the Congressional Research Service released a 44-page memorandum casting further doubt on the legality of the National Security Agency’s monitoring of international communications of American citizens and residents. CRS, housed within the Library of Congress, is the “public policy resea… Continue Reading

“30,000 People on the Government’s “No Fly” List Can’t Be Right”

Posted by Thomas R. Burke

If 30,000 airline passengers since last November have taken the time to complain about being mistakenly being tagged as a “terrorist” — literally tens of thousands of others must have also been mistakenly labeled. The TSA admitted this week that some 30,000 passengers have complained because their names have … Continue Reading

CDC Proposes Significant Changes to Its Ability to Track and Quarantine Passengers

Posted by K.M. Das The Center for Disease Control (“CDC”) is expected to post the first round of comments in response to its Notice of Proposed Rule Making (“NPRM”) relating to the Control of Communicable Diseases on Tuesday, December 6, 2005. “The intent of the proposed updates to 42 CFR Parts 70 and 71 is to clarify and stre… Continue Reading