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Quoth the Maven: “Without More!” Federal Judge Dismisses Dow Jones VPPA Class Action, While Hulu Parties Square off Over “Knowingly”

A Growing Chorus of Federal Courts Finds User IDs, by themselves, Do Not Count as Personally Identifiable Information under the VPPA

Recently, a federal district judge joined a number of his colleagues around the country who have told plaintiffs looking to bring a claim under the Video Privacy Protection Act (“VPPA”) that if the data plaintiffs alleg… Continue Reading

So When Did Protecting Privacy Become Unconstitutional?

Posted by Thomas Jeffry

The clash between privacy advocates and those companies who make millions of dollars collecting and selling data about pharmaceutical prescription patterns was perhaps inevitable. When the State of New Hampshire passed the Prescription Confidentiality Act last year, leading health information brokers were quick to challe… Continue Reading

Reports note that US ranks near the bottom for privacy protection, on par with Russia, China, and Malaysia — and also is flunking on press freedoms

Posted by Bruce E.H. Johnson

Privacy International has issued its annual Privacy and Human Rights Study analyzing privacy protections around the world. The study ranks the United States near the bottom for privacy protections, calling it an “extensive surveillance society.”

In failing to provide privacy rights, the U.S. is in very inte… Continue Reading

Random Searches in NY Subways Raise Controversy and Constitutional Issues

What do you get when you put together New York subway riders, random searches, the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and a “War on Terror”? Why, a lawsuit of course. Just last week, the New York chapter of the ACLU filed suit in U.S. District Court in Manhattan on behalf of five New York subway riders to contest the policy in New York City, s… Continue Reading

Court Upholds Use of Spam-Blocking Software

Yesterday, August 2nd, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit issued a decision in the case of White Buffalo Ventures, Inc. v. University of Texas at Austin, holding that the University of Texas didn’t violate the constitutional rights of an online dating service when it applied UT’s general anti-solicitation policy and blocked tho… Continue Reading