Monthly Archives: December 2007

Report on the FTC’s Conference on “Ehavioral Advertising”

Posted by K.C. Halm, Ronald London, Razeeb Hossain, and Anne Shelby

In early November the FTC held a series of roundtables and panels to discuss emerging issues in behavioral advertising. The FTC has posted transcripts, videos, the workshop agenda and a list of all participants on its website, found here.

Common discussion themes throughout the two-day w… Continue Reading

Beware the Flirtbot

Posted by Brian Kennan

Ever since the computer was invented, people have wondered when such machines would be able to think. In 1950, mathematician Alan Turing suggested a simple test for computer intelligence: if a computer can fool a human being into thinking it is also human, said Turing, the machine should be considered intelligent.

Turing died in 1954 … Continue Reading

FTC Announces “Crackdown” on Do-Not-Call Violators

Posted by Ronald G. London

The Federal Trade Commission recently announced that as a result of a new crackdown by the agency on violations of the National Do-Not-Call Registry (“NDNCR”) and related provisions of the FTC’s Telemarketing Sales Rule (“TSR”), it entered several consent decrees with multiple compan… Continue Reading