Posted by Thomas R. Burke

If 30,000 airline passengers since last November have taken the time to complain about being mistakenly being tagged as a “terrorist” — literally tens of thousands of others must have also been mistakenly labeled. The TSA admitted this week that some 30,000 passengers have complained because their names have mistakenly been matched with names on federal watch lists, including the government’s infamous “no fly” list.

Yet this 30,000 figure represents only those patient souls who are willing to complete the TSA’s “Passenger Identity Verification Form” and submit it along with three notarized copies of identification documents. Even after this “clearance” tedious process is followed, these individuals’ names are NOT removed from the government’s lists — as CNET reported — the names are merely added to a “clearance” list because as Jim Kennedy, head of TSA’s “Redress” Office confirmed, the TSA’s process will no “quote ‘remove’ you from the list because the person we’re still looking for is out there.”

In summary, please help the federal government ensure that its terrorist lists are accurate by sending in your notarized information.

Everyone feel safer now?