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DWT Webinar: Legal Issues in Wearable Health Technologies

Posted in Surveillance, Technology, Workplace Privacy

Davis Wright Tremaine LLP partner Louisa Barash will address the legal concerns and risks associated with wearable health technologies in a webinar on September 24

Wearable health technologies provide a great deal of benefits to consumers, health providers, and employers who offer wellness programs to their employees. From fitness bands that help ind… Continue Reading

HR Legal Concerns Surrounding Wearables

Posted in Surveillance, Technology, Workplace Privacy

Wearables look like they will be en vogue for seasons to come. They can be used for a variety of purposes – tracking fitness, improving posture, and even measuring air quality.  But when employers use wearable technology to evaluate activity, there may be legal concerns. Christin McMeley sat down with Bloomberg BNA to discuss the surrounding privacy is… Continue Reading

Virginia & Montana Pass Employee Social Media Privacy Acts

Posted in Marketing and Consumer Privacy, Workplace Privacy

Employers in Virginia and Montana that want to connect with their employees online may now have to wait for their employees to “like” them first, thanks to a pair of bills recently enacted.

On March 23, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe signed H.B. 2081, a bill which will limit the ability of employers to access employees’ and applicants’ personal … Continue Reading

General Counsel, Is Your Website Vulnerable?

Posted in Cyber and National Security, Technology, Workplace Privacy

A report just released by security startup, Menlo Security, found that one-third of the top one million websites have already been compromised with malware or are running outdated or unpatched software that is vulnerable.

The problem is two-fold:

1. Does your website contain vulnerabilities?
As the report notes, these website vulnerabilities are easi… Continue Reading

San Francisco Enacts Employee Privacy Ordinance

Posted in Employment, Workplace Privacy

A new San Francisco ordinance will prohibit employers and city contractors from asking job applicants about their criminal histories until after they conduct a live interview or make a conditional offer of employment. When the ordinance takes effect in August, San Francisco will join the ranks of 10 states and more than 50 cities to restrict employers… Continue Reading

Photos of Sony “Hermione” Cell Phone Lead to Legal Demand

Posted in Workplace Privacy

On the heels of the well-publicized litigation brought by Apple against bloggers who posted information about an upcoming product release on their sites (see reports here and here), another cautionary tale. Sony Eriscsson recently sent a cease and desist letter to the owners of the website Ubergizmo, based in Palo Alto, California, concerning pictures … Continue Reading