Fingerprint Biometrics: The Future of ATM Security?

Posted by Peter Mucklestone and Stuart Louie

As recently reported by CNN, a new standard in ATM security is emerging; however, not in the United States or even North America, but in the mountains and jungles of Colombia. BanCafe, Colombia's fifth-largest bank, has installed hundreds of ATM machines across the county which, as an alternative to requiring the traditional ATM card and personal identification number to grant a user access to his/her accounts, operate using fingerprint biometrics. The move by BanCafe was motivated by the increasing need for security among coffee-growers concerned about theft related to ATM use. Since offering fingerprint biometrics as an alternative method of accessing a user's account via an ATM, approximately 15% (or 230,000) of BanCafe's customers have registered for the service.

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Cancelable Biometrics -- Outsmarting Gummy Bear Attacks and Enhancing Privacy

The Associated Press is reporting today on the use of sophisticated algorithms to alter biometric snapshots to provide an extra layer of protection against breaches of biometric authentication systems, with the added benefit of limiting the potential invasion of privacy that such systems may represent.

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